Ailga Rubber Works was established in 1959, to service a specific sector of the rubber moulding industry. It has been developed to service the high precision sector of the industry for customers who require volumes in the low to medium sector of the industry and who need a first class service in quality and delivery. 

As the company has developed within this market sector, it has developed the compounding and testing equipments necessary to provide customers with a complete service with a material development, mould design and manufacturing capacity to handle Rubber Moulding, Rubber to Metal Bonding, Extruded Rubber Profiles, Different types of Rubber Glues & Adhesives and Rubber Compounds against different Russian and DTD specifications.

For over three decades Ailga has been solving the most difficult problems with rubber and rubber-like materials. In addition to the products, the necessary techniques are being incessantly developed. New products are diversifying the manufacturing programmes and new raw materials are reinforcing the foundation of the firm. The sole purpose is to attain technological self-reliance.

The major problem in technology is the lack of information in a methodical, precise and continuous manner. Ailga ensures adequate flow of information throughacquisition of published literature from domestic and overseas sources, thus building up a library for technological research and development.

Consumer satisfaction is ensured through adoption of foreign standards in manufacturing programmes, followed by quality assurance in its fully equipped air-conditioned laboratory.

Dies and moulds for day to day requirements are fabricated in Ailga‘s own engineering workshop to achieve precision and speed in production.

Needless to say that Ailga has gained a reputation for high standard of its products and its commitment to excellence and abiding concern for customer service.

Unrelenting rise in cost of raw materials, machinery’s and equipment poses major problems in present day competition, but utilization of modern concepts has brought about reduction in cost through savings in material and energy, thus partially neutralizing the impact of escalation.

Introduction of modern concepts in a planned manner has resulted in proper utilization of experience and creativity of the work-force to solve work-related problems and ensure healthy shop environment. In fact, our biggest critics are our own professionals and we owe our excellence to them.

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